operations & maintenance

We service your PV plant

The energy production of our customers’ photovoltaic systems is maximized by using the latest technologies and highly experienced in-house service technicians. All parameters are continuously analyzed in order to perform the required maintenance of each solar farm and to optimize its performance.

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Solar panels for business

Make your business roof profitable

Solar panels have become cheap and generate more energy than ever before. That’s why it remains profitable to invest in solar panels on your company roof.
Not only do you save money, but you also contribute to the environment.
Solora makes it easy for you if you choose solar panels.

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Asset Management

Asset Management stands for the financial, commercial and administrative management of PV parks. Solora also takes care of this important part for its clients, preferably in combination with the technical maintenance & management (O&M) of the installation.

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Energy management

Control and reduce your energy cost

You are already producing energy with a PV-installation on your company roof? Even then, there are certainly still opportunities for your company to optimise its energy consumption and to make even more important cost savings.

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Energy Consulting

Analysing PV performance

Solora makes technical and financial analyses of existing and future solar power projects. Our studies provide detailed and objective advice on correct sizing, technical feasibility and financial profitability.