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Solar Without Borders

1.6 billion people do not have access to electricity. Solar without Borders is a non-profit organisation setting up solar power projects in developing countries.  In 2010, a first solar panel, lamp and charger production unit was started up in Togo.  The lamps are hired out to the local population in the form of solar kiosks.

Solar kiosks are constructions equipped with solar panels which are centrally located in villages without electricity supply. Local residents can rent a rechargeable lamp and charge it using solar power. Other batteries, e.g. of mobile phones, can also be recharged there for a minor fee.  Each solar kiosk is run by a self-employed local operator trained by Solar without Borders. The kiosk operator can make a decent living out of this. This is an incentive for local entrepreneurship.

Solora supports Solar withour Borders in the development of this project.