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We service your pv plant 

The performance and availability of our customers’ photovoltaic installations is maximised by making use of the latest technologies and by employing highly experienced technicians. All indicators and parameters are continuously analysed to carry out the required maintenance of every solar park and optimise the performances.

Solora offers its customers a very wide and reliable range of O&M services based on the following pillars:

  • A 100% reliable Data Acquisition System
  • A control room with a state-of-the-art monitoring system
  • Clear analyses of monitoring data
  • Highly qualified and motivated teams
  • Transparent reporting tailored to the needs of the customer
  • Knowledge & understanding of the needs of the customer

We gladly develop a customised O&M package for you. Contact us today.


Service package

Our O&M package includes the following services:

Monitoring and alerting
24/7 real-time monitoring, alarm management, ticketing of all actions performed.

Preventive maintenance
Yearly maintenance in which all mechanical and electrical components of the system are overhauled and adjustments or changes are made in order to optimise the installation’s performance. A report is drawn up for each preventive maintenance.

Corrective maintenance
The warnings generated by the monitoring system are evaluated and may result in an on-site visit or remote intervention. The O&M team visits the site to repair or replace defective components and rectify possible malfunctions. A report is drawn up for each corrective maintenance.

Warranty management
All administrative tasks and the replacement of damaged components related to product warranties and insurance policies.

Inventory and management of spare parts
Drawing up and administering a list of critical spare parts necessary to ensure good operation and assured availability of a solar park.

Panel cleaning
Cleaning of the solar panels in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions and industry best practices

Uniform, standardised reporting with thorough analyses showing the effective yield and the availability compared to the expectations.  Online access to the monitoring system: The owner or other stakeholders get their own login code. This ensures a comprehensive and transparent overview of all key performance indicators at any time.

We can provide a wide range of guarantees tailored to the customer, including availability, performance ratio and electricity production.