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The company

Solora was founded in March 2014 by Tim Weyens and Jan Van Der Haegen, two experienced energy specialists who pioneered the maintenance and management of solar parks within Belgium’s biggest PV market player. Solora’s core activities are maintenance & management (M&M) as well as asset management of industrial solar parks. Solora has M&M contracts (monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance) for 550 solar parks in Belgium and France with a total capacity of 175 MWp. This makes Solora the Belgian market leader. As an independent market player, Solora also provides other services in the PV sector, such as energy management, energy consulting and residential services.

Our mission

Solora’s mission is to maximise the green energy production of its customers and safeguard their investment by maintaining solar parks according to the highest industrial standards, thereby ensuring a stable revenue flow throughout the lifetime of the solar park.

Our strengths

  • Unique Experience
    We manage 337 PV rooftop installations. Our technicians have been certified by all major inverter manufacturers to carry out preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Extensive Technological Expertise
    Our M&M portfolio includes components made by all major manufacturers in the PV industry.
  • Carefree Solar Park Management
    Solora provides carefree end-to-end service ranging from management tot reporting, thus ensuring predictable and stable cash flows.
  • Guarantees
    To ensure future cash flows, we offer a series of guarantees, including availability, performance ratio and electricity production.